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YouTube 3DGrab your red and green glasses: video sharing site YouTube is dabbling in the third dimension, testing out 3D videos on the site with a bunch of viewing options for different 3D systems. Want to know how to get increased depth perception with your happy slapping clips? Read on and see!

Search Engine Roundtable has stumbled across some unusual videos with even more unexpected settings on YouTube: shot in 3D, and with options for different coloured lenses and single source viewing modes.

YouTube XL unveiled

A YouTube staffer has confirmed that he’s working on stereoscopic options as his 20% project (YouTube is owned by Google, which famously allows staff to work on side projects a fifth of the time), although it’s still early days, and there won’t be a “speedy turnaround” for the bugs as it’s a part time pet project.

Still, if you’ve got any 3D video you can experiment yourself as the YouTube coder has published the tags to help create your own, so it’s good news if you have a Minoru webcam to hand. We can’t wait for the day when 3D, HD YouTube content is freely available.

Out TBC | £TBC | YouTube (Via Search Engine Roundtable)

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