Google DocsGoogle Docs is under the cosh. With Microsoft Office 2010 already announced and mooted for some public beta fun at the start of next month, the Big G has acted fast, slipping a casual reference to a major revamp into an official blog post. Read on to see just how Google Docs is set to change.

Office 2010 has clearly got the wind up Google. Microsoft’s announcement came just days after Google Chrome OS was outed. And now Google has fired back with plans to give Docs an overhaul.

Teasing cloud computing lovers in an otherwise innocuous blog about some hardcore new search features, Google said new additions, “will be followed shortly by the new interface and a number of pretty exciting features we have in the pipe.”

Microsoft Office web apps official

Google Docs has only just slipped out of beta itself (officially at least), but a new version would certainly make sense. Google and Microsoft will be going to war soon in order to establish who truly is the king of the cloud. Chrome OS was the first shot and with Office 2010 closing in, its no surprise to hear this statement from Google.

Whether Google Docs can see if the Big M remains to be seen. The battle lines have been drawn, so let’s hope for some dirty corporate mud slinging in the very near future.

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