Datawind Ubisurfer netbook The Datawind Ubisurfer is a brand new netbook from the fellas behind the handy PocketSurfer internet device, and while on the spec sheet it doesn’t cut the mustard against the latest lil’ laptops from leading tech maestros, it’s got one edge: it comes with 30 hours of mobile internet access a month, for a whole year. Do one, direct debits!

We were the first to tell you last year that Datawind was prepping a full-on netbook, and the Canadian company has been as good as its word. The Datawind Ubisurfer netbook takes its cue from an original Eee PC 701 more than anything else, coming as it does with a 7-inch screen, 1GB SSD and 128MB of RAM and Wi-Fi.

So far, so 2007 for the Datawind Ubisurfer netbook, but the USP here is that Datawind has hooked up with Vodafone to provide 30 hours a month of internet access included in the price. It’s GPRS, rather than 3G admittedly, but if all you need to do is word process and check your webmail, the Datawind Ubisurfer netbook could be a cheap alternative to a £350 Eee.

Upgrade and you can also get unlimited use bundled in with the Datawind Ubisurfer netbook for an extra £59.99, while roaming charges are a pretty reasonable 5p per minute in Europe and the US.

The Datawind Ubisurfer netbook is out now for anyone willing to forgo up to date specs for surfing with the price slashed.

Out Now | £159.99 | Datawind Ubisurfer (Via Pocket-lint)

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