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Nikon D3000The Nikon D3000 and D300s found themselves outed unceremoniously online last week. But now there’s word on exactly what we can expect from these new Nikon DSLRs and when we’ll be able to lay our snap happy hands on them. Want more? Then keep reading and find out just what Nikon’s got in store.

Nikon’s full roadmap for 2009/10 has found its way onto Nikon Rumors. And boy has the camera giant got a busy year ahead of it. The Nikon D3000 and D300s, which we first saw just a week ago are in line for an August 4 release.

While full deets on the Nikon D3000 remain as scant as Jordan’s evening wear, news on the D300s is more forthcoming. The new DSLR will come toting Full 1080p HD movie shooting at 24 fps, improved AF and mirror up. Nikon will also out a new lens at the August shindig.

On top of that, camera buffs can expect more love on October 15, with the new Nikon D700x being outed. That’ll pack a 24.5-megapixel sensor and a D300s matching 1080p video mode.

Meanwhile, 2010 will see a new Nikon D4 with 15.7-megapixels and 1080p shooting, a D400 packing 13.8-megapixels and a stonking 30.2-megapixels crammed into the D4X.

Out 4 August | £TBC | Nikon (via Nikon Rumors)

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