Asus Eee TopYou can’t help but have noticed that over the last couple of months we’ve been running the ASUS Blogger campaign. We asked all you budding tech-journos to put virtual pen to paper and prove to use why you deserved to own and write about an ASUS laptop for four weeks!

After much deliberation the lucky six bloggers were chosen and for the last month we’ve been getting their daily thoughts on everything from the software, hardware to pure usability of their chosen device.

The final twist to the campaign came when we asked the six bloggers to turn on each other who they felt gave the best blogging experience. We’re happy to announce that Emma Hill, who affectionately called the ASUS Eee Top 1602 ‘ET’ and even took some cracking photos of ET in action to prove the point!

Emma took a whopping 50% of the blogger vote, making her a clear winner and popular choice.

Emma will get to keep the keep the ASUS Eee Top 1602, while our other bloggers will each receive an ASUS Eee PC netbook as a consolation prize.

We’d like to congratulate all our bloggers for a fantastic experience, as the last few weeks have thrown up some probing and interesting posts!

  • WidGet

    so u ask for us to vote for our Fav blogger then u toss our votes and go to plan B?????

    what a crock of sh%t

  • Martin

    Just to shine some light on this shocking vote rigging, this is actually what happened:
    1. We as readers were told to vote for our favourite blogger and the winner would get to keep the kit they reviewed.
    2. Gavyn Britton won this vote by a clear margin.
    3. The editors of the site for some reason did not like this.
    4. The bloggers were told to vote for each other.
    5. Emma won this vote with 3 from 6. A fifty percent margin!! As it is so excitedly declared in the blog post above.
    Emma gets to keep her kit (I did really like her blog posts but she didn’t win the popular vote). The rest of the bloggers including the actual winner get an Eee PC.

    This is truly shocking and I wonder if the editors of this site also administer the voting in Zimbabwe? It’s disgusting favouritism or highly misguided ideas like this that destroys all the excitement, credibility and positive energy that has been created by what was actually quite an exciting idea. I for one have become an Asus fan over the time that this competition was running. Thats all gone. I won’t be buying an Asus product anytime soon.

    The feeling of being cheated by someone changing the rules after the fact just leaves a sour taste in the mouth. What a pity that this had to descend into such dishonest changes to the system. I also feel sorry for Emma and Gavyn they, and the other bloggers, don’t deserve to be treated in this way.

    • James Holland

      Hi guys. Let me step in here and stress the decision to change the voting strategy wasn’t taken lightly. However, we received a lot of feedback from readers and the ASUS Bloggers alike, to such an extent that we had no recourse than to pull the vote and find an alternative solution. We cleared this with the ASUS Bloggers themselves beforehand, and they all felt the way the situation was resolved was in the spirit of the overall experience.

      It would have been easy for us to slam shut the comments section on this page, make our conclusions behind closed doors and simply announce the winner, but we believe in openness and hope we’ve reached a satisfactory outcome for all involved.

  • Martin

    I don’t agree. As a reader and voter I was not consulted about changing the system. There are a number of problems here:
    1. If there was a massive problem with the setup, then it was a lack of foresight to let us all vote and then toss our votes in the bin.
    You said: “It would have been easy for us to slam shut the comments section on this page, make our conclusions behind closed doors and simply announce the winner” but thats exactly what you did! And now because you haven’t shut off the comments for this page we must treat you like heroes?
    2. “but we believe in openness and hope we’ve reached a satisfactory outcome for all involved” – not even close. This is not a satisfactory outcome and neither was it open, not to me at least.

    You don’t even say what the problems with the process are, it is just a big mystery.

    The bigger issue for me here is my trust in Asus. This process is representative of them as a company. The rules were changed after the fact. This whole thing has been turned into a mess and a joke. I became involved by reading and commenting, partially because of the competition and I bought into this process through my involvement. What you achieved is to make me feel like a fool for trusting you.

  • WidGet

    Mr Holland,

    Considering you didn’t have the foresight to run a credible competition for the bloggers, how are we the viewers meant to trust that one of us lucky suckers is going to win a PC for making comments?

    PS – I can’t write but I take nice photo’s so does that mean I win?

  • LaraC

    I agree completely – it was a waste of our time and effort reading all the posts and voting for our favourite.

    I cannot see how the blogger who was in 5th place at the close of poll could possibly have won other than the other bloggers thought they’d increase their own chances by voting for one of the least popular people – electricpig chose to do a poll and invited us to vote, surely if there was concern over the validity of some votes they could have fixed the system rather than abandoning it?

    I also find the outcome suspicious, who voted for who and why did it take so long to announce it? And why does the winner just happen to have one of the highest amount of blogs?

    It doesn’t make me want to abandon ASUS but I certainly will not be returning to this site if this is the way they are going to treat their readers.

  • David M.

    After reading this post and the associated comments, I have to say that I am absolutely appalled that something like this would happen in a credible competition! I didn’t vote, but I certainly have an interest in the moral stature of a company I have often purchased from and I will certainly be evaluating alternatives from here on out.

    Thanks for testing (and ultimately ruining) my faith in Asus.

  • WidGet

    ASUS and you ElectricPigs – do the right thing – both the popular vote and the girl who can take nice pictures should both be declared winners and get the spoils of the competition (that means get the prize for u idiots) purely because of your incompetence.

  • Slated

    Why the mystery over these supposed “problems” with the voting system? Is there some particular reason you can’t just give us the details?

    If there really were problems, then the results should have been declared void, not recast in this arbitrary fashion. Then the competition should have been re-run from scratch.

    Can you imagine if something like this happened in a political election? There’d be riots, a public enquiry, and probably criminal prosecution.

    Unless the competition runners can prove the legitimacy of their claims, and explain why they switched to this bizarre voting scheme, instead of just re-running the competition, or using the original results, then I think most people are just going to assume that the whole thing was rigged.

    So, was it?

    Sure looks like it to me.

  • WidGet

    The Inquirer like the rest of us has decided that you idiots need to be exposed as the frauds that you are.

    Long may this continue until you all accept your own responsibility in this debacle.

    You are a bunch of amateurs and based on your incompetence, you should try a new vocation – politics perhaps????

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