WindowsThe all new Google Chrome OS was outed this morning on the Big G’s official blog. But what does it mean for the next generation of netbooks and PCs? Read on to find out how Google Chrome OS can see off Windows and change computing forever.

1. It’s free
Google Chrome OS will be able to undercut Microsoft’s hefty licencing payments. Unlike Linux though, it’ll also come backed up by stacks of well known features from Google Docs, gMail, Picassa and of course, the Google Chrome browser. And what’s more that’ll all be integrated from the first boot–up.

2. It has Google’s name on it
Joe Public didn’t know or care for Linux. But Google Chrome OS is a different beast. Everyone who uses the web uses Google. And with their innovative and simple apps already hugely popular and untainted by the likes of Windows Vista debacle, regular folks should lap it up.

3. It’ll be quick
Booting up Windows takes time. But the Big G’s top bods say computers packing Google Chrome will “run as fast as when [users] first bought them.” That means almost instant boot up times and easy–as–you–like web access.

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4. It’ll make cloud computing mainstream
Windows isn’t afraid of the cloud. But Google is at the cutting edge thanks to the likes of Google Docs, Calendars and gMail. The cloud is the future of personal computing and Google Chrome could be the first time people other than tech fiends get a taste.

5. It’ll be fully integrated
Setting up a Windows PC to sync your e-mail, calendar, contacts and documents with the web takes time. Ages, in fact. Google Chrome OS will sync your mail, calendars and docs right away as long as you’ve got a gMail address and are tied into the Big G’s ecosystem. Think Google Android but without the added hassle of your mobile operator complicating things.

6. It’ll give epic battery life
Google Chrome’s apps will all be web based, so processor use will be minimal. That means your battery won’t take a hammering when you start firing off emails and pootling round the web. If a netbook running Windows XP can go for 7 hours, imagine what a Google Chrome netbook can do. Is 24 hours out of the question?

7. It’ll be cheap
With a low power processor and next to no hard drive space thanks to everything happening in the cloud, you can expect a Google Chrome netbook to be dirt cheap. If they can get to that magic £100 mark, then imagine how many they’ll shift. With Windows machines at £300, Microsoft will struggle to compete.

8. It’ll be easy to use
Windows XP and Vista are relatively straight forward, but can cause plenty of head scratching for those getting their first PC. Google Chrome OS will undoubtedly be straight forward, especially as they’re promising low power and won’t want people spending ages rummaging around the OS. Think all your apps running from one basic home screen.

9. It’s not just for netbooks
Google has said they’ll “bring a number of netbooks to market with Google Chrome OS next year.” However, they’ve also stated that it won’t just be netbooks getting the Chrome OS treatment. Full–on PCs will also be involved, striking right at the heart of Windows’ homeland. Microsoft never had such issues with Linux.

10. It’s open source
Google Chrome OS will be ready for download later this year. And because it’s open source, just like Android, devs will be able to get to work on new apps right away. Plus if there’s any issues in the future, anyone will be able to work on a fix.

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  • swpalmer

    It’s Chrome on Linux, without X windows.
    Great, more web apps… :-( … last time I checked browsers still suck as a platform for applications.

  • gidgetgadfly

    If you believe this breathless Google fan-boi sycopancy, you’ll believe anything.

    1. It’s free. So’s Linux, but you don’t see that on my mum’s computer
    2. It has the Google name on it. So what? So did Google Video, Google Finance, Google Answers… etc. etc.
    3. It’ll be quick. My Windows laptop takes around 10 seconds to come out of sleep. I don’t remember the last time I restarted it.
    4. Google at the cutting edge of the cloud? More like “google are at the cutting edge of sucking you back into the days of the mainframe by convincing you there’s no value in running apps locally”. Forget gaming. Forget occaisionally connected scenarios. Forget connecting your special purposes devices etc. etc. “everything must run in the cloud!!!!” puh-lease…
    5. Have you ever *actually* tried to connect Office to an Exchange, IMAP or even POP server? It doesn’t take ages And it looks like you’re advocating shifting off one monopoly player and on to another. “so long as google owns all your online experiences, and knows everything you do online, and owns all your online data, email, docs etc” you can play. Again, do you even think deeply about this before you start tippity-tapping away on your fanboiwriter?
    6.I have a solar powered calculator that has a battery life of ‘infinite’. Sure, I can’t do much on it, but look at how long it’ll run for between charges
    7. All you are doing is moving the cost elsewhere. Google will own your soul if you let ‘em. Actually, even if you don’t – so long as you use google to search and don’t pay attention to cookies, or you – even WORSE for your privacy – use a toolbar from Google, they own your ass, and will do their damdest to monetise it to the hilt. If you don’t believe me, chuck a packet analyser on your network and watch all the info the google toolbar sends back to the mothership everytime you do something in your browser.
    8. Well duh. All it has to do is fire up a browser to get you to the l33t Google cloud, where Google can control and monitor every aspect of your life in fine detail. But that’s ok, because we’re ‘bating* and we don’t think too much about these things (*see Idiocracy 2006)
    9. No, it’s for fridges too!
    10. It’s open source. Like wow – so cool how Google have all this really cool technology that they build on OSS and then release back into the… .oh hang on, they dont.

    Please people – put some thought into this. PLEASE!!!

  • Joe Minihane

    Thanks for your comments. I’m certainly not a Google fanboy and can appreciate your points. I think a reason this is such a big deal is largely down to the fact that Linux doesn’t have the brand awareness amongst ‘normal people’. By that I mean those who aren’t really into technology and what it can do.

    In answer to your points about connecting devices using IMAP and POP – I have. But I’m savvy and this isn’t about tech savvy users. This is about average Joes being able to utilise technology simply. Ask the man on the street how to set such tech up and they’d probably balk. You can guarantee that Chrome OS will make things easy.

    The fact is that any complaints about Google owning your soul come down largely to a wider quandry about what constitutes fair practice. Advertising is, for good or ill, an integral part of the web experience. Google is, after all, a business, and needs to make money. Personally I don’t buy the idea of Google monitoring your every move. I use gMail, Google docs and Calendar and frankly can’t see why they’d be bothered about my frequent trips to the boozer and going home to see my folks. Naturally I don’t want to sleepwalk into a situation where my data is read, but data protection prevents that.

    There’s no escaping that the cloud is the future of personal computing. For the time being though, Chrome OS is going to be all about low power consumption and simple computing. If you like gaming, you can buy a PC for that. There’s no doubt that offering local apps has value. I think Chrome OS simply offers the punter more choice. Surely that’s no bad thing.

    It’s good to hear from readers, so please keep the thoughts and comments coming. And remember you can debate the ins and outs over in the Forum too.

  • Nightwarrior

    Please let it kill windows, I hate windows bigtime. If you can run any game on the Google OS, it’s mine. Got Ubuntu as 2nd OS, but doesnt run most games(Some do in WINE) :( Windows as main OS as it runs all games. But I hate it so please let this beat the hell out of windows!

  • Konner

    No fucking chance. lol Google cannot kill windows.

    Kill windows. no more PC gaming. since google OS doesnt have gaming at all.

    just watch it will end up at :/

  • Eric Wallace

    Google Chrome OS cannot kill Windows, especially in the gaming market. It suffers from the same problem as OS X or Linux: the games just aren’t made for it. Thinking that this OS can somehow run “every game” is ridiculous.

  • JohnDoe

    Google is NOT a company I am fond of… I mean they are a VERY big company now and really… TOO BIG for their own good!
    Google has become known as a ‘spy-happy’ company by the intelligent, computer literate and know that Google is one company to stay AWAY from, Free or Not!

    They have hired individuals who make their living as a spy in governmental agencies and the likes to help them in their efforts of spying on us.

    In fact, that is what their Google toolbar is all about! It digs in to your info on your computer and tracks just about everything you do online. Google also NEVER DELETES ANYTHING anymore and keeps all data they ever collect on you or anyone.



    People… come on… DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! As my father always told me as a kid, THINK before your act!!!

    Now-a-days, I think, research and then act accordingly.
    If you need to respond to something immediately, go with your gut feeling, but make sure you are reading it correctly by practising using it on all your decisions.

    Google CHURNS MY guts!!!

    Good Luck in whatever you choose to do!!

  • Mark Joya

    24 hours battery life? Definitely NOT TRUE.

    Chrome OS is a WEB ONLY OS. It’s useless without internet connection. How will WIFI ON affect your battery life. I bet your ordinary 7 hours netbook will probably be dead in 3-4 hours with WIFI ON.

    • Ben Sillis

      Ah – but your average x86 netbook right now needs a fan to keep things cooled, and ARM based Chrome OS netbooks won’t. Don’t be too surprised if you see extended battery life, if not that long.

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