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Sharp Aquos LE700While Laser TVs might be the futurists favourite, those who want killer tech now might be keen to plump for the new Sharp Aquos LE700 LED TV instead. Cramming in loads of high–end goodies, it’s bound to delight home cinema buffs everywhere.

Rolling up in 32, 40, 46 and 55-inch flavours, the Aquos LE700 packs in everything you could want from a next–gen LED TV. As well as that Samsung–baiting LED backlighting, you’ll also find Sharp’s 1080p X-Gen panels, 10-bit processing and an eyeball–stroking 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Throw in 120Hz frame rates and an apparent viewing angle of 176 degrees, it looks like the Aquos LE700 series is serious about slapping down the increasingly stiff competition.

Sharp also says the Aquos LE700 is super efficient too, so you can smug up about its green credentials when your good lady has her eco–obsessed pals over. The LED tech means there’s no mercury in sight, also meaning lifespan is upped by 100,000 hours.

The Aquos LE700 is due to land in August, with UK pricing yet to be announced.

Out August | £TBC | Sharp (via Electronista)

  • sajimon joseph

    i bought sharp led lc 40le700e on 16th oct 2009. be frank, the performance is amasing !.especially when we watching the hd chanels, the performance is beyond my words. i like the picture settings as “dynamic(fixed). its looks like crystel clear. if any body need to know more about this tv i am really happy to share my experiance with this tv

  • shincy

    i agree to the above feed back. one negative, sound is not good any way i am using home theatre so no matter

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