Lunchtime LowdownNapkin? Check. Sandwich? Check. Steaming mug of tech news to wash it down with? Double-check! It’s the Lunchtime Lowdown… now, read on, and make sure you clean your plate.

Google. Google. Google. That’s all you’ll hear today. Well, that and maybe Chrome OS, Chrome OS, Chrome OS. See, Google’s just announced it’s launching its own operating system. It’ll go head to head with Windows, and you’ll be able to buy it on a brand new netbook next year.

It’s a hammer-blow to the Big M, with Google setting out its mission to make the Chrome OS fast, free and very easy to use. In short, Google just parked its tanks right on Windows 7’s lawn.

If you’re already sick of OS battles (seriously, suck it up – we’ve got at least five months of it to go yet), how about a peep at a new netbook? We’ve got hold of the all-new Asus 1005HA Seashell. It’s super slim, and more than a bit swish. Check out our unboxing pics to see what we mean.

Laptops not your bag? What about consoles? Sony’s CEO has some bad news for gamers today: the PS3 won’t be getting a price cut. Apparently, it just doesn’t make business sense to lop a few quid off the asking price.

But, while Sony taketh away with one hand, it also giveth. It’s just unveiled the CX520VE Handycam. It’s ultra-clever, and packs in more more smarts than a Mensa daytrip.

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  • Krishna Santani

    Its groundbreaking idea from Google web OS and they are planning to wipe out Windows in a most strategic manner. Google clearly pointing to Microsoft when they say “The operating systems that browsers run were designed in an era where there was no web”. But there are few questions which are unanswered like what will happen when we will go offline in Chrome OS? Can we use offline applications like iTunes or Photoshop? Can we run third party applications? How they are going to make profit from it ? I am also bit concerned whether Chrome OS will be embraced by enterprises as it is open source and web based as there is always a security issue….Just wait another thought can Chrome OS will become a global hit especially in small countries where internet is very fickle. But leaving these things aside its going to be win-win situation for the users and it will be interesting to witness the war between giants.

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