Sony Vaio W netbookHaving previously dismissed them out of hand, Sony has just shown off its new Sony Vaio W netbook. Crammed with the regulation tech – Intel Atom and 10.1-inch screen are both present and correct – it’s due to land here in August. Read on to find out what the Sony Vaio W netbook means for the super pricy Sony Vaio P now.

You can’t deny it – the Sony Vaio W netbook is about as big a U turn as you can get on planet gadget. Having touted the Sony Vaio P at CES in January, Sony went on to dub the netbook wars as a “race to the bottom.”

But the Sony Vaio W is clearly a netbook. Packing a 10.1-inch screen, 160GB, the requisite Intel Atom N280 processor and 1GB of RAM, it looks decidedly chunky compared to the likes of the stunning Asus Eee PC Seashell. It weighs in at 1.19kg, measuring 179.6mm deep when it’s shut..

There’s a beefed up 1368×768 screen which should make video snacking nice and tasty, plus Bluetooth, Wi–Fi and two USB ports. We’re told by inside sources that the £389 Japanese price tag will be more like £450 here in Blighty. Still, that’s a darn sight more recession friendly than the £700 starting price of the 8-inch Vaio P.

If you can’t wait for the Sony Vaio W, then perhaps you’d prefer the Gemsta Viva Vaio P knock off instead. Either way, it seems it’s curtains for the Sony Vaio P.

Out August | £450 | Sony (via Engadget)

  • AsciiSmoke

    Dammit, Why can’t someone make a tasty netbook with an Ati or NVidia gpu. Decent Ion netbooks seem to be floating on the perpetual horizon.

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