Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TVMitsubishi’s LaserVue Laser TV was touted as the next big thing when it hit US shelves last November. But with Samsung’s LED TVs now taking the initiative in the futuristic fight against LCD and Plasma, Mitsubishi has slashed the cost of its LaserVue Laser TV. Read on and find out why this matters to you now.

The 65-inch Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TV wasn’t cheap when it first landed. At $6,999 (£4,399), only first adoptors immune from impending financial doom could get involved. But with a 55-inch Samsung LED TV costing £2,408 on Amazon, Mistubishi has cut the price of the LaserVue to $6.499 (£4,010).

While it might not seem a huge drop, Laser TVs offer massive advantages over their LED brethren. They come in the same slimline format, are 3D ready (perfect for when Sky’s 3D trials comes to fruition), offer twice the colour and are super green too.

As future tech goes, the Mitsubishi LaserVue is right at the top of the pile. But we’ll need a few more price cuts before we can dig deep and go for one over the excellent Samsung LED range.

Out now | £4,010 | Mitsubishi (via I4U)

  • aam admi

    Three ‘Durable’ lies manufactured by Samsung:

    1st lie: LED TV technology is a wholly new technology (it’s at least 5 years old)

    2nd lie: Samsung screen is LED (without stating that the panel/screen technology is actually LCD; also they are using only ‘edge LED backlighting’ as opposed to ‘direct LED backlighting’)

    3rd lie: On their website they have separated LED TV from LCD TV, giving an impression that LCD & LED are completely different

  • kuei

    I am not seeing a huge advantage to LED backlighting over regular lcd’s Seems like just an excuse to jack up the cost of lcd tv’s

    • Bozo

      True. You’ll just get extra contrast ratio for double the price of the current LCD TV and maybe on par of the contrast ration of Plasma TVs. it’s not like current LCD TV are that bad in contrast, so What you’re paying for does not justify your buy, unless you’re an idiot or rich.

      to aam admi, I agree with you too, until they use full RGB LED panel then it’s just a LCD TV with LED backlight

  • Ernst Steinert (USA)

    I met a Mitsubishi sales rep two months ago, and he slipped me an announcement being given to key dealers. It says the current L65-A90 will never get a 73″. The series will be replaced by the A81 series (65″ and 75″), AND the Diamond A91 series (67″ and 75″).

    The cut sheet I got was titled “2009 Laservue TV Product Overview.” According to this document, the A81 “step-up features” over the L65-A90 include: “Smooth 120Hz Film Motion,” “Advanced Video Calibration,” “New Cinema Mode,” “New JADE Activity Based User Interface,” and “Energy Star 3.0 Qualified.” The A91 has all those enhancements too, but adds: “Variable Smooth 240Hz Film Motion,” “ISFccc Advance Video Adjustments,” “Internet Media Ready,” “RS-232C,” “AMX Device Discovery,” and
    “Brushed Metal Design.”

    That’s all I know. I guess you can assume from this that the current Laservue is already obsolete. I wish Mitsubishi managers would understand that the key to their success is lots and lots of early adopters. Same for the Blu-ray DVD industry. They are trying to get maximum profit from early production. So is Blu-ray. All this is doing is causing people to hold off. That just might kill the whole deal.

    ATTENTION ALL YOU MITSUBISHI MBAs: Learn from VHS vs Betamax; DVD vs VHS; CD vs Vinyl; Microsoft vs Apple. Price and market your Laservue so that middle America can afford one. We all know it is much cheaper to build a laser TV than it is to make a plasma or LCD. Don’t be greedy and you may change the direction of the TV industry. Your real success will come from market share, not early profit margins. Screw this up with dumb strategy in a terrible economy, and you’ll end up with just a few collector items out in the field that a handful of high rollers bought.

    I want one. I WANT ONE BADLY!! But I refuse to be taken for a sucker.

    • Bozo

      Those companies know that some people will pay even 10 times what it’s worth and they also know that the avarage US consumer will not buy one for that price. that’s why once they get the money from the rich, they will drop the prices gradually until they hit the sweet spot.

  • KC

    Ditto Ernst! I hadn’t gotten into the HD market. When I was ready, I heard about the Mitsubishi Laservue and patiently waited. In the interim, the Samsung LED came out and put everything else out there to shame. Instead of waiting on the Laservue, I bought the LED. I still want a much larger Laservue for another room, but I will not pay that much when the LED is so good.

  • Joseph

    Not everyone wants a large screen TV in the living room or bed room. I’m waiting for a 42” affordable laser TV. Price and size is critical.
    LED side lighted TV is good but Laser tech. is the future.

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