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iPhone App Store turns 1

Time flies when you’re having fun: and nothing has given the tech world more giggles over the last year than Apple’s kick-start of the App revolution. Today, the iPhone App Store turns 1, marking 12 months since it gave the mobile industry a thorough shake-up.

Like Apple or loathe it, you have to respect the speed in which the company has transformed the devices in our pockets. Whether you own an iPhone or not, you’re certain to have felt its influence. From rival manufacturers to network operators and even mobile phone shops, everyone has an App Store now, but they all owe their heritage to Apple.

And what a heritage. In April, Apple’s App Store clocked up its billionth download, not bad for a relative toddler in tech terms.

It’s also spawned copy-cat stores, and kicked larger rivals such as Nokia into innovation overdrive: spurring the company to launch its Ovi Store which, although smaller, features a host of smart features, including location-awareness and recommendations from friends.

It’s hard to believe Apple’s App Store is only a year old, given the influence it’s had. Congratulations, Apple. And here’s to the next amazing 12 months.

  • adrian

    I am still using almost 18 applications on my iphone . the last one which i downlaoded was Vopium which was free. i must stay even the free apps are of very good quality

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