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Apple iPhone 3GSA new app, dubbed GPush, is set to bring push Gmail to the iPhone. But will Apple let it through the net? Read on to find out how GPush works and when you’ll be seeing it on your iPhone.

Push notification for apps is one of the biggest draws of the slick new iPhone 3.0 software. So far though, it isn’t playing nice with Gmail. But GPush, a new app nabbed by the fellas at TechCrunch, looks set to change all that for the better.

Once you’ve installed GPush, all you need to do is tap in your email address and password and it’ll do the rest. Using the IMAP IDLE function used on Android cells and the Palm Pre, it then fires off emails to your iPhone quick smart.

There is one small issue though: Apple hasn’t given GPush the green light yet. And while push mail works just dandy for Yahoo users, Apple has a track record of turning down certain apps for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

The devs behind GPush says they aren’t expecting any problems however, and say it will land for $.0.99 in the US app store. That should work out as 59p here in the UK. And let’s face it, it’d be a nice way for Apple to celebrate the App Store’s first birthday too.

Out TBC | $0.99 | Apple (via TechCrunch)

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