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Creative Zii PMP shoots HD video?The Creative Zii is a brand new PMP that’s gunning for the iPod touch in more ways than one. Like Apple’s piece of pocket power, it’s got Wi-Fi to jump online, and looks likely to offer apps, but it could best even the iPhone 3GS with a HD camcorder built-in!

Creative‘s been quiet of late, especially on the PMP front. It’s not been slack though, as a recent filing with the FCC across the pond shows it’s been working on a device called the Creative Zii. That or “Creative Zii Egg”, but we hope it’s the former.

A PMP with Wi-Fi baked in is nothing new of course, but a camera sensor in the top corner with the phrase “HD camera” is food for thought. Will the Creative Zii have a HD camcorder built in? It’d certainly beat the iPhone 3GS’s still classy DVD quality sensor, but Creative would have to make sure it makes YouTube uploading just as easy.

Even more intriguingly, the Creative Zii “Developer Edition” on the right hints at the possibility that it could run on Android, opening the Creative Zii up to all those luvverly Android Market apps. We’ve got our fingers crossed for both, as Apple looks set to shove a video camera in the next iPod touch, potentially increasing its lead in the market even further.

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