Nokia is prepping a brand new rugged phone that you’ll be able to kick, smash and generally maltreat without the fear of breaking it, just like the indestructible Land Rover phone from Sagem. If you’re lucky, it may even make calls too. Don’t believe us? If you’re in search of a blower for the butter-fingered, check out the new Nokia rugged device being teed off, with a golf club! Read on for the video.

Nokia owners really ought to treat their blowers with a bit more respect. Last month, we saw the Nokia N97 get dipped in a bowl of cereal and washed in a sink, and now we’ve got two fellas testing out a new Nokia rugged phone by smashing it with a golf iron, and punting it, rugby style. In the rain.

Amazingly, the rugged Nokia not only survives both trips into the stratosphere, but manages to keep a call connected throughout, which is good to know if you ever find yourself lodged inside a cannon and need someone to set the video for Eastenders.

You can see the videos right here, and while the rugged Nokia phone is still in the prototype stage, Nokia Conversations promises it’s in for a world of pains still, plus a few more details, if we’re lucky.

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