highscreen_pp5420_android_phoneThe HIGHSCREEN PP5420 is a new Android smartphone headed for the Russian market. It’s USP? It has not one, not three, but TWO touchscreens.

The HIGHSCREEN PP5420 from Vobis Computer is an attempt to answer the age-old question, “what’s better than a phone with a big screen?”. Vobis’ answer? “A phone with a big screen, and a littler screen underneath.”

Intended for the Russian smartphone market, the HIGHSCREEN PP5420′s unique selling point is a small, auxiliary touch screen beneath the main pne, which serves as a sort of ‘mousepad’ and extra display. The secondary screen is an OLED job and we aren’t exactly sure what would be displayed on it – some kind of caller ID, maybe? Or soft controls – little picture of a joystick for games, etc.

Spec-wise, the HIGHSCREEN PP5420 comes with a WVGA display, Android 1.5 (cupcake), wifi, GPS and microSD storage. No word on availability outside of Russia, where it will cost around 360 Euros.

July 2009 | 360 Euros | Vobis Computer (via Unwired View)

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