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Apple left iPhone 3GS prototype in an airport?

Here’s something you don’t see for sale everyday on eBay: a prototype iPhone 3GS. It gets weirder though: not only does the seller claim to have bought it a month before the 19 June release, but he says the original seller he bought it from found it in an airport. What happened to that veil of secrecy, Apple?

The non-working iPhone 3GS is up for sale on eBay from a seller with a very strong ranking in New Jersey, who claims he got it in mid-May, from a “guy…(who) told me he found it in the airport.” Hmm.

We’d be prepared to write off this prototype iPhone 3GS as phoney, were it not for the fact that this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and the seller has even taken the early iPhone 3GS to an Apple Store, where a Genius looked at the serial numbering and found it to be legit.

iPhone 3GS hands-on photo overload!

Which raises the question, just how did this get out? The New York Times’ recent feature on Apple’s strong ethos of secrecy mentioned everything from locked doors to security cameras and working under cloths, but all this time a new iPhone was sitting around in an airport lounge.

You could even bid for it yourself if you’ve got at least $305 (£185) going spare, though if this is real like the last iPhone prototype we saw on eBay, Apple will snatch this one down post haste.

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