ipod_touchApple’s new iPhone OS 3.0 software might be going down a storm with iPhone users – over 6 million have downloaded it so far – but it’s not lighting fires with iPod Touch users. Just 1% have made the upgrade, according to mobile advertising firm AdMob. One likely explanation is the price; iPhone users got their upgrade for free, but it’s £5.99 for iPod Touch. But maybe there’s another reason why it’s not wanted.

iPhone OS 3.0 has proved an almost essential upgrade for iPhone 3G owners – particularly the ones who are looking on in envy at the new iPhone 3GS while still stuck in a contract for their older handset. It has cut and paste, landscape keyboards, tethering, Find My iPhone, Voice Control and more.

But not all of these are much use for iPod Touch users. Landscape keyboards will be good for browsing the web, no doubt, but it’s not actually available on all iTunes Apps. Cut and paste is no doubt handy when you taking content from the web and inserting it into emails or text messages, but these are things you’re much less likely to do on an iPod.

Tethering though? Or Find My iPhone? No use at all. So basically we’re talking about laying down two pints’ worth of beer money for Voice Control and WiFi auto-login. For that, we think Apple could have passed it on for free.

There’s a third possible explanation of iPod Touch users’ apparently slow uptake: AdMob’s measure comes from ad requests sent by iTunes Apps. So it’s may be that iPod Touch users just aren’t using as many Apps, or the kind of Apps that get picked up AdMob’s radar.

Out now | £5.99 (or free) | Apple and AdMob

  • Poppa_P

    I have a 16gb first gen ipod touch (almost full), I don’t need 3.0 yet.

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