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medialets_speed_testiPhone 3GS: the S stands for ‘speed’, but just how much speed, exactly? Quite a lot actually; in fact new benchmark test results show it’s three times faster than the iPhone 3G, three times faster than the Palm Pre and nearly six times faster than the T-Mobile Android G1. Read on to find out why.

Making these kind of cross platform comparisons is tricky because of the differences in operating systems: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G now have Objective-C-based iPhone OS 3.0, the Pre has Palm’s shiny new webOS and Android is Java-based.

However, mobile analytics outfit Medialets reckons it’s found a common ground for speed comparisons in the form of JavaScript benchmark tests using the SunSpider test suite. The performance of the iPhone 3GS in these tests went well beyond what was expected, leaving it not too far behind the Macbook in terms of JavaScript performance.

What does this mean for you, the user? A poor performance is not necessarily mean the end of the world and Medialets points out that its findings don’t make one device or operating system better than any other. It does mean that Apple is not kidding when it talks up the speed of its new handset and, hey, it gives iPhone users something else to crow about. We’re not sure that’s a good thing though.

Out Now| £varies | Apple (iPhone 3G S available at The Carphone Warehouse) (via Medialets)

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