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Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard unleashed

The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard from OCZ is the first keyboard with customisable OLED buttons that’s been designed for gamers. It’s headed to shops soon, and threatens to topple the likes of the opulent Optimus Maximus, so read on for the skinny on this clever QWERTY right here.

OLED keyboards themselves are nothing new, but they’ve not been ideal for anyone needing a frag fix on a regular basis. The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard from OCZ should change that though, with a layout and feel (“super tactile, low-noise key feedback”) ideal for twitch gaming, as well as 9 OLED buttons.

The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard’s OLED keys are completely programmable and will display any image or text you like with amber lighting, and will even change purpose as you switch between applications. One word of warning though: the Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard won’t work with 64-bit PCs, just 32-bit.

The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard doesn’t have a fixed release date yet, but OCZ says it’s ready to ship to retailers so we won’t have to wait long. Idle away that time though with our official photo gallery right here.

Out TBC | £TBC | OCZ (Via Hexus)

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    (Sorry for the double post, I didn’t realize these comments were page specific.)


    The manual actually claims that the software for the keyboard is compatible with 64-bit Vista. See page four under Installation Guide.

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