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Pioneer streams home media to your carPioneer‘s got a brand new way to tempt your eyes from the road while driving: a PMP for your dashboard that plays back content from your home server while you drive! Read on to see a video of it in action.

If you thought the Mio Navman Spirit Freeview satnav was distraction enough while you drive, you haven’t seen anything yet. Pioneer’s new Network AV playback system uses the magic of WiMAX to stream TV shows, films and music stored on a home network to a screen shelved right above the gearbox.

Pioneer’s prototype is a great, though dangerous way to get entertainment in car, without having to pop everything on an SD card first like iriver‘s latest PND. There is a large catch of course: you have to be in a WiMAX area, which are still few and far between (If you live on the Isle of Man though, you might be in luck).

Pioneer hasn’t confirmed when this technology will go mainstream, but you can see the device in Pioneer’s amusingly overly hopeful video below.

Out TBC | £TBC | Pioneer (Via DigInfo)

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