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Tube Exits iPhone appThere may be 40,000 apps on the iPhone app store, but few are as headsmackingly innovative as Tube Exits, launched today. Anyone stuck in the capital’s commuter crush will go crazy for this one: it’s a simple program that works out where you should stand on an Underground platform to drop you by the stairs at your destination, so you can beat the rush every time.

We’ve said before that Tube Deluxe is a must-have iPhone app for anyone living in the Big Smoke, and Tube Exits is set to join it on your Home Screen. With long platforms and narrow staircases, it’s all too easy to get delayed coming out of a station, even when your tube is on time. The Tube Exits iPhone app gets round that by showing you which carriage to get on to help you get off quickest, even when you have to make multiple changes during your journey.

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Designed by Lance Stewart, the Tube Exits iPhone app will show you the best way to ground, another line or even British Rail at interchanges, and it’s easy to pull up the reverse journey as well. Tube Exits is out to download on the iPhone App Store for the introductory price of £1.79. Don’t baulk at that sum: Stewart had to visit every single station on the Underground to get it right. When you remember there’s 268, suddenly you feel a bit more generous.

Out Now | £1.79 | Tube Exits (Available on the iPhone App Store)

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