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homer-simpson1TomTom knows a thing or two about making map reading fun. The satnav maker has already tried the lick of white paint and soundalike celebrity voices, but now it’s turning to something new: fictional characters reading your route, starting with everyone’s favourite Springfieldian, Homer Simpson. Woo hoo!

TomTom’s hooked up with Fox to get its Homer voice officially endorsed, so you’ll be able to have the yellow bellied beer drinker guide you to destinations and points of interest across the UK and Ireland safe in the knowledge that it’s the real Dan Castellaneta directing you.

TomTom LIVE XL hands-on

The TomTom Homer satnav voice will also utter plenty of comedy catchphrases (largely to do with food) to keep you entertained on the road, though we haven’t confirmed if it says “d’oh” if you collide with another car.

The Homer voice for TomTom is available to download via your TomTom HOME account right now for £7.95.

Out Now | £7.95 | TomTom

  • Poppa_P

    It could be fun,but if you have played any of the simpson games on console the dialogue can be a bit repetative,I would have it though if I could choose the character I want, give me Monty Burns directing me to the nearest petrolium distilate vendor “Excellent!”

  • Podman

    Mr. T voice from Navtones is better. They are part of TomTom I think and have celebs like Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, Kim Cattrall… And they have K.I.T.T. coming. The real KITT!

    Homer will be good but Mr. T is a legend.

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