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dellphone-android-chinaDell’s Android phone has been a long time coming and was said to have suffered an embarrassing setback when a host of mobile companies decided it didn’t look up to scratch. A blurry picture on a Chinese mobile phone site might just have given us our first glimpse of the retooled phone.

Dell aren’t rushing out a half-done phone, you have to give them that. An Android-powered smartphone from Dell has been rumoured for months, amid hints from the company about ‘small devices’ being developed and the hiring of Motorola’s RAZR mastermind Ron Garriques.

Despite the rumours, and reports that a working model was shown to mobile companies to a disastrous reception, we still haven’t seen anything solid from Dell. Until now, perhaps. The Chinese-language mobile fan site PDA Fans (Google translation) has what is claimed to be a picture of the elusive Dell phone – resembling  a sort of cross between a Palm Pre and an HTC Magic.

The poster (and this is a probably very bad translation so do bear with us) says that he “Today saw the Department of internal testing prototype look, feel very disappointed - Using a capacitive touch screen!” which is as much information as we have ever been able to get out of Dell.

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