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Tetris to be professional sportSure, you’ve got the rocket to blast off at the end of Tetris on the Game Boy, but how good are you at Tetris, really? World class? You could soon get the chance to show your mettle when it comes to breaking those blocks, as Tetris founder Alexey Pajitnov is planning to turn the puzzler into a professional sport.

It’s hard to believe that Tetris is already 25 years old, but it’s still going strong. So strong in fact that we could soon see professional Tetris gaming leagues, similar to the likes of Counter-Strike, or Starcraft in South Korea: Russian Tetris creator Pajinov has gone on the record to say “we are going to turn Tetris into the first real virtual sport.”

“Sports like baseball and football were created at a time when our future was a lifetime of physical activities and physical fitness. But now that’s not as important, it’s more about mental fitness today.”

Pajitnov hasn’t said whether this pro Tetris plan of his would be televised, but we’d be intrigued to see how that would work out. We’ve watched first person shooter tournaments before, and they’re difficult enough to keep up with; Tetris would be on another level completely.

Still, if you’re not prone to epilepsy from flying blocks and blinking lines, we’ll keep you informed if professional Tetris ever gets off the ground.

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  • Poppa_P

    the best way to play Tetris was to link to Gameboys together and go head to head with mario and Luigi….

  • Anonymous Merchant

    There’s a rocket?

    I’m more Goldeneye generation..

  • Poppa_P

    there was also a Space shuttle..

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