sony-psp-goThe Sony PSP Go’s price is too high, according to Wedbush Morgan’s infamous crystal ball gazer/analyst Michael Pachter. Pachter says the US price of $249 “is too much, period.” Particularly as Pachter believes that the PSP Go will cost less for Sony to produce than the PSP-3000, priced $80 cheaper.

Speaking on Bonus Round, Pachter said: “The $169 PSP-3000 is a profitable device. The disc assembly for a UMD costs more than 16 gigs of flash does. So this new device doesn’t cost as much as the PSP-3000 and they jack the price up $80? They’re ripping off the consumer.” Wonder what he’d think of the Sony PSP Go’s probable UK price point of £230?!

According to Pachter, the Sony PSP Go’s pricing is to compete with the Apple iPod Touch. “The comparison is favorable from a technology perspective,” Pachter told Kotaku. “However, the iPod Touch has a ridiculously loyal fan base, tremendous brand awareness, gigantic advertising support, a touch screen, an app store, and a lot of music. The PSP Go has a better gaming architecture and better games, but lacks many of the features that the iPod Touch has. Its price should be compared to the PSP 3000.”

Is Pachter right this time? Previous predictions of his have included no new consoles until 2013 (who knows?), a PS3 price cut imminent (said in January, wrong) and two-thirds of Grand Theft Auto IV sales going to the Sony PS3 (wrong again).

Out 2 October | £229 | Sony PSP Go (available to pre-order at

  • MetalMickey

    Lets see. iPod touch, 16GB = $250. (same price), plays music (like the PSP does, but with worse sound quality), and has some crappy games. Or a PSP, that has great games, does music, video, wifi, internet etc etc etc…

    $250 is much better value than a 16GB iPod touch.

    As for the UK price, sorry to spoil your Sony Hatefest…. But Game website has the PSP GO @ £179.99

  • Simon Munk

    Ah, MetalMickey, we meet again.
    1. Read Pachter’s quotes again. He’s not doubting the PSP Go’s tech capabilities. He’s saying that a) it’s cheaper to produce than a PSP-3000, b) Apple’s products have a much more loyal fanbase and mainstream brand awareness, so can command more of a premium. So, what Pachter is saying is that he believes that Sony is wrong on two counts to peg the pricing of the Go against the iPod Touch.
    2. I’ve just looked on Game’s site. And, as per the link at the bottom of the story, they have it for 230 pounds. 230 is also what is widely being quoted in the media and by other pre-order schemes as the price for the Go in the UK.
    Si M

  • MetalMickey

    Well I managed to pre-order mine just fine for £179 from Game last week.

    Turns out the price has since risen..£229-99?=39048

    Perhaps based on pre-order demand…

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