Nintendo DSi

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We love
There's not a handheld console as innovative. Improved screen
We hate
Can't play GBA games. Poor battery life.
The Nintendo DSi is pure, unadulterated fun. Just not a massive leap from the DS Lite.
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Nintendo DSi

Looks like Nintendo’s had a touch of the Apple iPods with the DSi: this is the third generation no less of the handheld console! And while the improvements may seem slight – bigger, brighter screens and a couple of low-res 0.3-megapixel cameras – the new DSi actually has a lot to offer.

For starters Nintendo has added an SD card slot allowing for a much improved storage capacity. You also now have the ability to download games from the online shop – DSiWare store – that brings the DSi bang up to date with the latest fad buzzing the mobile phone world.

The biggest improvement though? It’s nothing new tech-wise. It’s more to do with the design. The DSi just feels a lot more comfortable to hold now. Significantly cutting down the risk of getting Nintendo Claw (NB not a real affliction).

It’s not all good news though. Ninty’s promised second touchscreen failed to materialise and Nintendo chose to kick the GBA slot into touch – that sound you can hear is the sound of a billion Nintendo fanboys sharply sucking teeth. Oh and the battery life took a hit as well.

Still, for innovative gaming, nothing can beat Nintendo, and the DSi continues that trend in the palm of your hand.

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