Archos 7

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We love
Awesome seven-inch touchscreen. Video quality is superb.
We hate
Weighs the same as a brick. Expensive.
The Archos 7 has more tricks up its sleeve than David Blaine, including a great big, hefty price tag.
Launch Price

Archos 7

Can’t stand watching video on puny 3.5-inch screens like the iPod Touch’s and Sony X-Series’? The Archos 7 may be about as subtle as a brick, but that does mean it has the advantage of packing in a sultry seven-inch screen for a more upper-class viewing experience.

The touch-sensitive interface on that seven-inch screen is easy to use, if a bit sluggish at times, but that’s not a problem once you’ve got the video up and runnig. The Archos 7′s undoubted party piece here is video playback. It’s beautiful, like a tree. And thanks to the monstrous 320GB hard drive you can carry around the equivalent of 20 multiplexes in your manbag.

Out the box the Archos 7 can play music and movies in any format you can pretty much dream up, plus it’s Wi-Fi-enabled, so you can browse the web via Opera when you’re out and about. Adobe Flash meanwhile lets you go onto BBC iPlayer and YouTube to see the latest clips of chihuahuas surfing in washing machines, in the format that God intended.

Check out the optional extras and the Archos 7 becomes even more versatile. There’s a DVR station for TV recording and a host of other add-ons. The catch here is they all cost. And it’s not as if the 7 was cheap to begin with, coming in at over £300.

The Archos 7 is undoubtedly an awesome PMP with more versatility than a Swiss Army Knife. Whether you consider that enough at a price that’s comparable to some netbooks’ is up to you.

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