Apple iPod Touch

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We love
Best sound quality of any iPod. Superb interface.
We hate
The iPod Touch costs... a lot.
Put simply, this is still the best portable media player that money can buy.
Launch Price

Apple iPod Touch

Even the most brainwashed Apple haters out there would have to concede that the Apple iPod Touch is a remarkable bit of kit. Taking all the best bits from the iPhone – the stunning widescreen display, the mind-blowingly elegant interface, the browser and Wi-Fi – and ditching the iPhone’s cruddier elements, such as the camera. And the phone.

You get 32GB of storage for your considerable buck (although 8GB and 16GB versions are available). How on Earth Apple managed to squeeze a 32GB hard drive in that 8mm-slim body is anyone’s guess. But it has. It’s not comparable to the 120GB iPod Classic, but it’s still more than enough for holding your 7,000 tunes.

Where Apple’s products come into their own is their simplicity. And the iPod Touch, is that. The 3.5-inch multitouch screen is a stellar user-interface. Just flicking through your music with Cover Flow makes you feel like you’ve got your hands on something special. Pinching fingers on the screen, meanwhile, will zoom in and out with instinctive ease.

Sound-wise, the quality is fine, but you can never get your Apples to really bass up the tunes. The Touch, though, has noticeably better audio than the rest of the range – simply because it can go louder!

Other boons include the built-in Wi-Fi so you can hop online at a hotspot and buy some songs from iTunes and Google Maps so you can work out where the hell you are!

All in all then, the iPod Touch is on another plane. It now looks sexier than ever with its new sensuously curved back, and is easier to control with dedicated volume buttons on the side. And the ever burdgeoning App store just adds a further string to its bow. Even at this price point, we’d still say get one.

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