Apple iPhone 3GsOne of the big new iPhone OS 3.0 features confirmed at the WWDC keynote was tethering: from later this month, you’ll be able to hook your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S up to a computer and pipe that 3G/HSDPA goodness straight through. But we didn’t hear what the state of play would be with the iPhone network in the UK, O2. Now we know though: find out when you’ll be able to lash your iPhone to your laptop, and for how much, right here!

Along with Find My iPhone, tethering was one of the key new features in iPhone OS 3.0 on show at WWDC. When the iPhone OS 3.0 download arrives on 17 June, you’ll be able to jump online with an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S via USB or Bluetooth, and on Mac or PC.

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O2 has confirmed that it’ll be offering tethering with iPhone from 19 June, when the iPhone 3G S launches, but there’s a cost of course: for 3GB of data, the O2 Bolt On will set you back £14.68 a month, while 10GB will set you back £29.36, though both include the Cloud Wi-Fi.

We’re a little bit surprised at the pricing – they’re exactly the same as O2 mobile broadband dongles with an 18 month contract, and it’s not like any extra hardware is needed. Still, with a tethering bolt on at least you’ve got an opt out whenever you want. We’ll be testing out tethering with the iPhone 3G S as soon as we get our mitts on one over here.

Out 19 June | £varies | O2 (iPhone 3G S available at Apple)

  • Bluemoonin65

    O2 are basically charging £15 to send your “unlimited data” down a USB cable to a laptop! Is that even legal?

  • Ben Sillis

    I think O2 is missing a trick here – if it charged a bit less it could introduce a whole new market into mobile broadband for laptops.

  • Spider86

    How would o2 know when you are tehering tho?? I have an unlimited mobile internet bolt-on and use it with my Sony Ericsson w760i to my laptop all the time via usb cable(i don’t think i’m really supposed to do that so shhhh dont tell o2).
    They haven’t sent me any bills for using it like this yet so i’m guessing they don’t know i use it this way, so couldn’t you just use your current mobile internet plan with the iPhone?

  • Tin

    I’ve made my complaint to Ofcom about the contract forcing you to pay for what is effectively double charging on data. Apparently, their switchboard is lighting up with this issue – and the chap I spoke to was well versed in the problem and what to do. I suspect if this pressure is kept up the ombudsman (Otelo) get involved – which will be great for consumers. Ofcom’s number in case you want it, is 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123 3333. BitterWallet have an excellent piece on why this is such a scam –

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