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Sony X Series Walkman hands-on videoThe Sony X Series Walkman is out now in shops, so we thought we’d go over the finer points of Sony’s OLED wonder PMP to help you make up your mind if it’s worth a punt compared to the iPod touch . Check it out in our hands-on video!

We’ve been lusting after the Sony X Series Walkman ever since it debuted at CES in January, but it’s finally on sale here in the UK. Despite the delay, it’s still the world’s first PMP with digital noise canceling built in so you can tell the background sounds around you to shove off.

Sony X Series Walkman hands-on photos

Because the Sony X Series Walkman’s screen is half an inch smaller than that of the iPod touch at 3 inches, it’s a much more petite PMP, but there’s just as much storage (16 or 32GB), Wi-Fi as well and the granite texture leaves it feeling every bit as sturdy. You can see from the video below that the touchscreen on the Sony X Series Walkman is responsive and straight forward, but it’s the dazzling OLED colours that stand out when you check out pictures or videos. That’s it for the text though: bone up on the Sony X Series Walkman in our video below!

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  • MetalMickey

    Am I the only one concerned that reviews of audio products never mention audio quality?

    It’s irnoic that the best selling portable music device (the iPod) is also the worst sounding, sounding on-par with cheap marketstall players.

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