buzz-study-e3-09Microsoft’s Project Natal Xbox 360 motion-sensing, speech-recognising, all-singing, all-dancing controller generated the most “buzz” of all E3 announcements, according to Buzz Study, a “web chatter” analysis site.

Buzz Study also compared positive and negative comments about Microsoft’s Project Natal Xbox 360 motion-sensing announcement against rival Sony PS3 motion-sensing peripheral announcements and Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus announcement. Project Natal was the most positively thought-of by the web, Nintendo’s MotionPlus add-on the most negatively thought-of, with an 8 per cent increase in negativity coming directly after Microsoft and Sony’s arguably technologically-superior announcements.

After Microsoft’s Project Natal Xbox 360 tech, the most web buzz was generated by the Sony PSP Go, Metal Gear Solid announcements and Final Fantasy XIII. Sony’s PS3 motion controller was fifth.

Perhaps more interesting is what really didn’t generate much buzz at all. Languishing at the bottom of a long chart is DJ Hero and Scratch DJ. Dance music clearly may not rival rock for music game appeal. Also way down was Sony’s PS3 EyePet, Just Cause 2 and Sega’s much-feted Bayonetta. Even Agent – Rockstar Games’ Sony PS3 exclusive – didn’t pick up that much buzz (perhaps because so little about it was revealed).

  • MarkG

    So taking into account fanboy skew, Sony won then…

    As you posted 4x Natal articles saying pretty much the same, compared to a single PS3 motion controller article..

    How much did Microsoft pay for that??? I wonder if you dig deep enough, I wondered who paid for this survey (as these companies don’t dee this for free or fun)…

  • Alex

    lol @ MarkG

    So you comment that the article has no weight given fanboys, with a repsone that is the epitome of a fanboy!

  • Simon Munk

    MarkG, it’s all a sinister conspiracy. I’m actually an alien here to take over via the medium of the Xbox 360. Or, in other words, get a grip young man.
    I’m a freelance journalist. I don’t even know if Microsoft advertises on this site. We wrote a lot about Project Natal because it seemed more newsworthy than Sony’s showing.
    I’ve got a story about to go live on the site about EA saying they’ve hit the ceiling on the Xbox 360′s power, but not the PS3. We’re really not biased. But you, perhaps, are.

  • MetalMickey

    Isn’t the point here, that people on the street CAN be biased, however journlists need to show “journalistic integrity” and be impartial and factual.

    Personally I don’t care about fanboy comments, but when I see journalists showing bias then thats a different matter..

  • MetalMickey

    I suppose I would like to also ask, why 4x the number of Natal article, when clearly this “survey” is all about internet traffic…

    Seems a valid question to ask. Personally seeing both presentations, the Sony one was FAR more impressive, as it was clear there was no fakery or smoke and mirros involved, unlike Microsofts..

  • Simon Munk

    1. Yes, facts are very important. And please do pick me up if I get ‘em wrong. But in this case, the facts are Natal was stated to be the number one “buzz” from E3 by a specific “buzz” watching company. Not really an easy story to mess up the facts on!
    2. Please point out where in any journalist’s charter we have to be “impartial”? How does The Mail, The Sun, The Guardian, Fox News get away with their blatant slant on stuff? Or are they staffed by someone other than journalists? Journalists are there to give you their view of a story. Particularly bloggers. Yes, as I said above, facts are important. But opinions are too. I don’t think I have a particular “bias” towards PS3 or Xbox 360. I have lots of opinions and I know a lot about them both. And this mix informs what I write and why.
    3. Simply put, Natal caused more buzz at E3 – more people were excited about it. So we covered it more, as did most news sites. It may possibly be that down the line we’re writing a story saying “Natal demo faked, MS taken to task”, as we would have written about Sony a couple of years back. But in the moment, what seems important to cover is what’s most lively or exciting. Natal had it, not just for me, but most of the ElectricPig team and, judging by the story above, most of the Internet. That you disagree is your business. But you must have a lot of time to waste if you’re posting to every Internet site that led on Natal over Sony’s motion-sensing offering!

  • Richard

    PS3 generated 3x more “buzz” compared to the XBox according to Google.

    This “news” is equally ridiculous as yours.

  • Nathan

    Looks like Microsoft made all the media into clueless chumps and fooled them all..

    You would think the media were smarter than that, but they so wanted it to be real, they were sold the emperors new clothes. The annoying thing is, Sony got strung up for KZ2, yet the American gaming press seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to Microsoft doing the same (or arguably worse).

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