iphone_adUpcoming mobile advertising platform, AdMob, is bringing enhanced advertising units to iPhone ad developers this Friday. The service is already an important tool for iPhone App developers hoping to make a return on freely available software; the update will help connect users with targeted social, search, and dynamic rich media ads, and hopefully bring cash to developers.

Ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2009 next Monday, AdMob will launch its own AdMob iPhone SDK to developers on Friday. The enhanced SDK gives App makers the chance to dynamically update the adverts within their software.

This includes connecting customers with an advertiser’s social networking content (Twitter feeds, Facbook pages, MySpace accounts, Flickr photos, etc), enabling search boxes and providing more compelling banners and scrolling ads without forcing the user to click away from their App page.

For consumers, it could be a good thing too. It’ll mean more sophisticated, engaging ads – ones that might offer something worth looking at – and ones better targeted to their tastes. And if it’s effective, it’ll also mean better quality Apps being made available for free. Can’t complain about that.

“Our new iPhone SDK will enable developers to further monetise their apps, allowing them to focus on delivering a great experience for their users,” said Thomas Schulz, Vice President and Managing Director.

Out Friday | £varies | AdMob

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