4gb_iphoneAnother day, another promising iPhone rumour. At this rate, if Apple doesn’t announce something iPhone shaped next week, thousands of Mac-heads may succumb to lethal amounts of disappointment. The latest speculation comes from a leaked image, belonging to Fido – a Canadian mobile network – which strongly suggests that a 4GB version of the iPhone is on its way.

Furthermore, this coincides neatly with a rumour that Engadget is reporting, namely that the new iPhone will come in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB flavours. That’s according to a trusted and obviously anonymous source.

The rumoured 4GB model stands out in particular. With the current iPhone 3G already available in 8GB, and so many other phones adopting 8GB or 16GB as a standard, it would seem odd for Apple to be taking a step back. That, however, has let to further speculation that Apple might be about to launch a lower budget handset.

Other specs visible in the leaked image suggest the 4GB model would only have a 2.0 megapixel camera – a feature Apple is also rumoured to be upgrading for the new iPhone. Could this be the first indication of the oft-speculated iPhone nano then?

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  • Anonymous Merchant

    iPhone Nano – no. Just segmentation by price point.

    Questions you should be asking include, if the 4Gb has a 2megapixel camera then what else does the 32Gb one differentiate on?

    Maybe one of the features/upgrades everyone wants is limited to top tier units.. Organic something…

  • Stephen Sullivan

    I think this may be a red herring. The pic looks like one of the old 4gb models and almost everywhere stated that Apple are getting rid of the silver band. And this one has it in the photo. Sorry another fake methinks.

  • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

    I agree. A smaller screen doesn’t make sense for the iPhone. Apple has spent a long time making its finger-friendly buttons just the right size… all that would be undone with a size change, and impact developers too, who would have to re-make all their app interfaces. I’m predicting more capacity, better camera, much improved battery life and, if we’re lucky, OLED for brighter colours and less battery drain.

  • Anonymous Merchant

    It definitively states on that slide that the image isn’t the new one – we’re not that lucky.

    As for smaller size, again that’s not been mooted. It would fundamentally break the App store for a start.

    What you’re looking at is segmentation – a free 4GB/2.0mp TFT iPhone at £35-18m or pay money for a 32Gb one with an OLED screen, 3.2mp autofocus camera.

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