Android Snapdragon Eee PC sightedThe Android Eee PC powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip we heard rumours of is for real, folks, and it’s been caught on video at Computex! Read on to see it in action.

Netbooks just got even thinner, lighter and better: Asus has debuted an Android powered Eee PC at the Taiwanese tradeshow, running on a 1GHzSnapdragon chip like the Toshiba TG01 smartphone. That’s a slower clock speed than an Atom chip, sure, but this Eee PC’s processor uses so little power, it doesn’t even need a fan. The result: longer battery life, and an even thinner shell.

Android Eee PC hinted by Asus

The Snapdragon chip in this Android Eee PC meanwhile means it’s capable of 720p video, and 1080p is the next step, according to Qualcomm. We’ve seen Android on netbooks before, but none have been as good looking as this Android Eee PC, which looks remarkably like an Eee PC Seashell.

There are no details on a mass market model just yet, but you can check out the Android Eee PC in the hands-on video below. Make no mistake, this is the future of mobile laptoppery in the flesh.

Out TBC | £TBC | Asus (Via Tweaktown)

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