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TomTom XL LIVE Europe hands-on

The TomTom XL LIVE Europe satnav is the GPS giant’s first mid-level PND to pack always on internet services, and we’ve just got hands-on with it! Read on for the full gallery.

In case you missed it, TomTom rolled the TomTom XL LIVE Europe out of the garage last week. It’s the same 4.3 inch doohicky as the current TomTom XL, but with the connected services of the much pricier GO LIVE series, including Google Local Search and up to date petrol prices around you.

TomTom XL LIVE Europe official photos

We took the original TomTom GO LIVE for a spin last year and were bowled over, so to add the service for £7.99 a month to a satnav half the price is an impressive feat. The TomTom XL LIVE Europe will be in shops and motorway service stations across the land from next month for £249.99 including a three month LIVE service free trial, but you can see it right now in our hands-on gallery.

Out June | £249.99 | TomTom

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