Lunchtime LowdownOur buffet of all the breaking tech news is once again open for business. Whether it’s phones, games or gadgetry that’s got you hungry, grab a plate and fill up on all the latest right here in the lunchtime lowdown!

The story of the day is Ovi Store, Nokia‘s very own app store to rival the iPhone’s, opening up shop globally, with games, apps and more to download right now. We’ve taken it for a test run, so be sure to check out our walkthrough of the store.

Elsewhere in mobiles, Apple has had to make yet another U-turn on its bizarre iPhone app approval process, after banning an eBook program because of the texts you could read on it.

In gaming, the Metroid Prime trilogy is headed to the Nintendo Wii, while in computing, NEC dropped a new netbook that’s seriously skinny.

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