Kiss goodbye to hideous phone bills and that nagging feeling while texting on holiday: Vodafone’s abolishing roaming charges across Europe from June, meaning it’ll cost the same to call, text or send picture messages whether you’re on the continent, or at home on the couch.

The landmark move by Vodafone will kick into effect on June 1st, and run until the end of August. It’s designed as a three month trial initially, giving free roaming across the summer months.

All Vodafone Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly customers will benefit from the abolition of roaming, as long as they’ve opted into the network’s free Vodafone Passport scheme.

If you’re a Vodafone customer, but haven’t yet signed up to Passport you can do so for free from tomorrow, simply by texting the word ‘Passport’ to 97888 if you pay monthly or to 2345 if you use Pay as you go , or you can visit

Unfortunately, data use abroad is still subject to roaming charges, but the good news doesn’t end with phone calls and messages. Vodafone is also cutting the cost of international calls from mobiles within the UK.

From May 15, Vodafone Pay As You Go customers on the Simply tariff, will see calls abroad drop to as little as 5p per minute to both landlines and mobiles. The new pricing is available in detail at Vodafone’s website.

Of course, roaming is the big story here and if you’re frequently in Europe you stand to save an absolute fortune. Check out the table below to see a few example charges for pay monthly contract customers.

Out June 1 | £free | Vodafone

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