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UPDATE: Microsoft has denied any affiliation with the source, so it looks like it’s dodging the June gauntlet after all.

The Zune HD, Microsoft’s rumoured answer to the iPod touch and Sony Walkman X Series, could be unveiled in June, potentially pitting it head to head against the new iPhone.

We’ve heard some juicy rumours about the Zune HD since it leaked out last month, from the OLED screen to NVIDIA graphics and Xbox Live support, but this one’s the tastiest yet: according to Microsoft employees, a big Zune announcement is coming in June.

Microsoft has recently set up a Twitter feed to promote Office 2010, but Twitterati have been taking the opportunity to pester Microsoft staff about the Zune HD, and got some tantalising answers. One response hinted at the month: “June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers”. A follow up meanwhile gave us some idea of what to expect “New product launch, that’s all I’m allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre. :)

The Zune mobile rumours died some time ago so we’d have to guess they’re referring to a pricey gadget, like the Zune HD. If true, that’s much earlier than we expected: the Palm Pre is looking likely for a June launch in the US, and a new iPhone will almost certainly be unveiled at WWDC next month, so the Zune HD will be vying for attention. It shouldn’t be too long until we find out if the Zune HD is up to the task.

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