3D Realms, the developers behind Duke Nukem Forever, has shut down. Duke Nukem Forever has been in “development hell” longer than just about any other videogame ever. Now, if Internet reports are to be believed, the game may either never see the light of day, or be finished by another (presumably faster) developer.
The news that 3D Realms had shut down was leaked to Shacknews. But 3D Realms’ webmaster appears to have confirmed it on the company’s forum, saying: “It’s not a marketing thing, it’s true.”

Duke Nukem Forever, the fourth Duke Nukem first-person shooter and 3D Realms’ main project, was first announced over ten years ago in April 1997. Recent Twitter updates by company employees indicated that the game was finally nearing completion.

With Duke Nukem Forever’s developers 3D Realms apparently shuttered, then what does this mean for the perhaps nearly-finished game? According to Take Two, they “continue to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever.” In other words, if anyone’s going to pick up the pieces, it will be them. Take Two is the parent company behind Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock. So there should be development expertise to finish up whatever’s left of Duke Nukem Forever.

In other Duke Nukem news, Deep Silver and Apogee announced that any 3D Realms news has no effect on the upcoming handheld console Duke Nukem Trilogy.

  • Ben Sillis

    Get some. Or not. I’ve been awaiting this for ages (“looking forward” would be a bit misleading), so while this doesn’t surprise me, it does sadden me.

  • Toby Knight

    Who could have seen this coming? Apart from anybody even tangentially connected to videogames, I mean.

  • jan

    thought they would announce it for another 20 years^^

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