The Palm Pre is coming soon, and Palm is ramping up its promotional efforts. The latest plan? A TV advert featuring a giant model of a Facebook page.

The Palm Pre hype is stepping up a gear. Anxious to counter claims that the phone is doomed and that there is no room for another smartphone in the market, Palm is trying to convince us that the Pre is the ideal social networking platform. You know, for kids!

To this end, Palm has constructed a giant model of a Facebook profile page as part of the set for an upcoming Palm Pre TV advert. It’s hard to know exactly what purpose the giant Facebook page will serve, but with all those user interface elements sticking out we wouldn’t be surprised if a young actor/actress is going to end up clambering over it while some winsome lo-fi nu-folk witters on in the background.

The Palm Pre advert pic was on Twitter with the legend, “Back at Warner Bros! Palm Pre in the house… It’s the iPhone for chicks! LOL” by on-set photographer Jaime Gonzalez. At time of writing, his Twitter stream and home page are missing in action so there is a chance he either doesn’t exist or has been brutally cease-and-desisted by Palm.

Out June 7 (US) | £TBC | Palm (via Pre Central)

  • Ralph

    I’ve seen it! Sexy commercial, catchy song, hot young things. Ace.

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