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The Palm Pre isn’t even on sale yet, but it’s already dashing the hopes of prospective buyers. The latest Palm Pre rumours suggest the all-singing smartphone will cost a whopping $1000, or around £670, without a two year contract. Ouch.

Of course, Palm hasn’t yet announced UK availability for the Palm Pre, but inside sources have let slip that even with a two year tie-in, new customers in the US will be forced to fork out $200, or £133, when the phone goes on sale on June 7th. Those upgrading to the Palm Pre have an even worse deal, being forced to hand over $300, or £200 for the privilege.

Compare that to the iPhone, which costs a maximum of £155 in the UK on an 18 month contract, and is available free with the majority of Apple and O2′s deals.

If the figures for the Palm Pre are correct, Apple has very little to worry about on the pricing front, and Palm’s premium smartphone could be on track to live up to the doubts of analysts.

What do you think? Is there room for another premium smartphone in a world gripped by recession? Maybe the Palm Pre’s pricing is behind recent rumours of a Pre Mini? Give us your thoughts, and vote in our poll below.

Out June 7 (US) | £TBC | Palm (via Boy Genius Report)

  • pop91

    They must be joking!!!
    even HTC and Blackberries are cheaper.

    Noone is really waiting for the Palm Pre… especially in the UK.

    By the way, the only phone that is more expensive IS the iPhone… the tarriffs to get it “free” are still exorbitant…

  • blued888

    Wow! That is simply preposterous! Even HTC’s high-end line-up doesn’t cost that much!

    And I thought the iPhone was expensive at $800.

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