Palm Pre Mini coming soon?

The Palm Pre may just be the start of Palm’s webOS ambitions. A rumour on suggests that Palm has a second webOS handset in development for release this year. Could this be a ‘Palm Pre Mini’?

Palm Pre rumours to date have centered around when the new Palm is going to be released (soon), and whether old Palm apps will work (yes). Now a source has told TechCrunch that Palm has a second webOS device in the works and that there is a chance the new phone will be smaller, and aimed at a a slightly lower-end audience that the Palm Pre.

TechCrunch seem convinced that this will be some kind of ‘Palm Pre Mini’. If this seems familiar, it is because these are the same rumours that keep popping up about the ‘iPhone Nano‘ – and keep being denied, we should add.

It is difficult to see just how much more ‘mini’ the already quite small Palm Pre could get, but a less flashy, lower powered machine is a definite possibility. We have previously heard rumours that the Palm Centro might be getting webOS-ified for a possible August release. There may be some crossed wires here, but it definitely sounds as though Palm is planning something.

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