Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will have online multiplayer, Sony has revealed. This confirms rumours sparked yesterday when a leaked sticker on the box of PS3 exclusive inFamous, left a cat shaped hole in the Uncharted 2 bag. A pre-existing embargo has now lifted, releasing a flood of Uncharted 2 multiplayer info onto the internet. Read on for everything we know so far.

Uncharted 2’s online play will include a range of competitive and co-operative modes. There’s your standard Death Match, where players just leg it about shooting each other, and there’s a variant of Capture the Flag called ‘Plunder’ where two teams (Heroes and Villains) will have to move treasure across the map to a check point.

The treasure, a massive golden idol, inhibits the carrier’s movement and limits them to a single pistol, so teamwork will be needed to defend them as they lug their booty across the special multiplayer maps.

Both of these game types allow up to ten players to play together at the same time, however, if you’re more of a fan of co-op, there will be a couple of three player co-operative modes to try out. Playing as Nate, Sully and new female lead, Chloe, teamwork is again crucial when scaling obstacles in the environment and reviving other players when they succumb to the attacking enemy hordes.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll probably want to know how to get involved. You could always wait for Uncharted 2 to launch later in the year (Sony has yet to confirm dates), of course, but if you’re really eager and/or sold on the open world superhero action title inFamous by Sucker Punch, then you can get in on the beta early as part of the deal leaked yesterday.

In the US, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of inFamous on May 26th and get your beta invite. The beta starts on June 3rd. The same deal hasn’t been confirmed for the UK, but Sony has revealed to Eurogamer that something similar is in the pipeline.

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