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Cupcake – the version 1.5 update to the G1′s Android operating system, is nearly ready for download. Before you set about installing it though, you should be aware that not all apps will work properly with it.

Cupcake is the long qawaited update to the Android OS that fixes bugs, tweaks the user interface and adds a stack of extra features like a workable onscreen keyboard. For some months now it has been tantalising G1 owners desperate to get on the bleeding edge of their OS.

With Cupcake imminent, Google’s Dan Morrill is careful to warn that not all applications are going to play nicely. some of you will need to fix some problems in your apps before you can start taking advantage of Android 1.5,” said Morrill – speaking to developers.

Google has been working through the apps on the Android Marketplace and foucnd that many of them had been written using “bad techniques” that mean they will not seamlessly work with Cupcake. This shouldn’t be taken to mean that the apps themselves are poorly written, just that they have used bits of the OS that are not guaranteed to work the same way in furture versions.

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