audioBoo, the iPhone audio blogging service, has a famous new member, Stephen Fry, dropping soundbites on the fly. Is he jumping ship from Twitter?

Stephen Fry is one of Britain’s biggest Twitter advocates, but we’ve spotted him using iPhone app audioBoo recently to chart his day to day travels. Today, for instance, Fry attended the funeral of politician Sir Clement Freud, and talked about the service on audioBoo after.

audioBoo is an app launched in March that lets you record short messages (Boos, with 3 minute clip limits) on your iPhone and post them online for others to hear. It’s fast, it’s fun, and Fry is backing it.

But can spoken word beat Twitter for ease and convenience? You can certainly fit more than 140 characters in to a short voice clip, but audioBoo only working on iPhones, limiting the audience somewhat. Like Twitter though, audioBoo is embeddable in your website, and you can even add location to your Boos via the iPhone’s GPS.

But the appeal of audioBoo over Twitter for Stephen Fry? “For one thing I’ve come out without my bally reading glasses”. Expect audioBoo to become the next web phenomenon amongst the shortsighted soon.

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  • Mark

    Audioboo is certainly an appealing idea-especially with its Twitter integration – but I think has arrived on the market at exactly the right time. It just uses conventional phone calls, making it truly cross-platform… although that means it might not be ‘techy’ enough for some people!

  • Chris – LG Blog Uk

    I’ve previously used for voice-to-text tweets. Integration of a simple player into Twitter to enable a mix of voice and text would be great, although the incremental loss of anonymity could be an issue for services like this.

  • John

    Hi Mark, thanks for the reference to ipadio. We actually had someone phonecasting live from mid-Atlantic last year on ipadio, live to the web with a 2 second delay! The results can be seen at

    It really does work from any phone – PSTN, VoIP, mobile, satellite phone.


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    This application is really unique and cool. I also posting recorded messages in the internet and it is really fun especially when there are many listened in your message. I just hope that we can also have privacy set up on the voice message.

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