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AT&T has apparently been circulating an internal memo that compares the Palm Pre to the iPhone in great detail – and finds the Palm handset wanting. Scientific analysis – or pre-emptive marketing?

AT&T likes the iPhone – it has exclusive rights to offer it under contract in the US, after all, and the phone has been a real success story for the company. What must be keeping AT&T execs up at night, however, is what might happen if a better phone came along on a rival network.

Android doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent, but the Palm Pre seems like one possible challenger. Accordingly, someone within AT&T appears to have put together a point-by-point takedown of the Palm Pre. The internal memo compares the Pre with the iPhone 3G and – perhaps unsurprisingly – finds in the iPhone’s favour on pretty much every point.

The Pre has “limited Wi-Fi” compared to the iPhone’s access to AT&T hotspots; the iPhone comes in two colours with a solid metal and glass finish while the Pre is in black plastic only; the iPhone syncs via iTunes but the poor old Pre makes you drag and drop music tracks like some kind of internet tramp. Etc. etc.

It is, shall we say, a little one sided. There isn’t much there that isn’t technically true, but there is no mention of the Pre’s strengths – synching to the ‘cloud’, webOS app development, Palm OS backwards-compatibility, and so on. The memo reads like a set of talking points to be rattled off when a potential customer enquire about the Pre which, to be honest, it probably is.

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