YouTube Realtime is an update to the site that takes a leaf or two out of Twitter‘s book: it offers realtime notifications of what your friends are watching, bringing social networking to the video sharing hub in a big way.

It’s no secret that Facebook is working on realtime streaming of status updates (just like a Twitter client) on the homepage, but now YouTube is following suit with YouTube Realtime.

YouTube Realtime is a toolbar YouTube is currently testing, which shows which of your friends are online, what they’re watching and what they’re saying about videos.

With YouTube Realtime, you’ll know immediately when your friend is watching a sneezing panda or cat in a washing machine, so videos will go viral that much faster.

YouTube Realtime is being tested on an invite only basis, so if you get a free pass, be sure to share the love by inviting others yourself!

Out TBC | £free | YouTube (Via TechCrunch)

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