Apple has removed a controversial game from the iPhone App Store following complaints from child welfare watchdogs. Baby Shaker let the player shake the iPhone to ‘calm down’ a crying baby.

Apple has never been shy about yanking apps from its App Store, often over the flimsiest of reasons. This time, though, they may have a point. Baby Shaker is a game that simulates a crying baby. You ‘calm’ the baby by vigorously shaking the iPhone – an action that set off alarm bells within children’s charities and campaigning groups.

Shaking a real-life baby can result in serious injury to both the body and brain – a condition known as Shaken Baby Syndrome. Patrick Donohue, founder of the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation said, “As the father of a three-year-old who was shaken by her baby nurse when she was only five days old, breaking three ribs, both collarbones and causing a severe brain injury, words cannot describe my reaction.”

Baby Shaker has now been removed, but the episode does raise further questions about Apple’s approvals process. The company seems rather jumpy about nudity, copyright or ‘offensive’ content but things like this seem to slip through. It can’t be easy wading through thousands of submitted apps, but perhaps some clearer guidelines would help?

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  • humedini

    It is shocking that this even made it into the store. I would imagine that the app developers didn’t mean any harm but it is a stupid thing to do. I agree that they need to publish a clear charter of things that are not suitable.

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