An Android powered MSI Wind netbook could be on show as soon as June, according to new reports from the Far East. Those Android netbooks are gathering steam all of a sudden: can MSI make it first past the post to shelves?

We’ve spied Android running on a few lesser known netbooks this week, but an Android MSI Wind netbook could be on show at the Computex trade show in June: DigiTimes has it that MSI “plans to showcase an Android based netbook” at the convention.

If true, would that mean an Android MSI Wind netbook, or some new branding from the Taiwanese giant?

MSI refused to comment on the Android report however, so take this with a dollop of rumour sauce and a skepticism side salad, but an Android MSI netbook would come as no surprise. We’ve heard rumours that rival Asus is prepping an Android Eee PC, so expect the market to become a battleground, and soon.

Out TBC | £TBC | MSI (Via DigiTimes)

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