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It’s been just over six months since we published our mammoth list of 100 iPhone apps you simply have to install. In that time the contents of Apple’s App Store has ballooned, and it’s now overflowing with new bounty to stuff onto your smartphone.

We’ve trawled the App Store, and sifted the solid gold iPhone apps from the wealth of time wasters. Read on, we’ve done the hard work for you! If you own an iPhone (or iPod touch) you owe it to yourself to install these apps!

1. Skype (£free)
It was a long time coming, and if we’re honest we’d started to doubt it would ever become officially available, but Skype’s now been unleashed on the iPhone and it’s fantastic. OK, so you’ll have to hang about in a Wi-Fi hotspot to make calls, but they’re loud, clear, and we even hear the next software update will make them work over 3G.

2. BBC iPlayer (£free)
OK, so it’s not an iPhone app in the strictest sense, but point your iPhone’s web browser to www.bbc.co.uk/iPlayer and you’ll get a special version of the on-demand TV and radio portal, specifically for the iPhone. It’ll work with Wi-Fi access anywhere in the UK to dish up the last seven days’ broadcasts on the go.

3. Facebook (£free)
A must-install for anyone with an iPhone and an account on the world’s largest social network, Facebook iPhone app is a dream to use, letting you do pretty much anything you can in front of a web-connected PC. It’ll even dish up chat on the go, so you can tap out messages to mates while they’re sat at work, and you’re… on the train in to work.

4. Last.fm (£free)
Bored of the music on your iPhone or iPod touch? Get the Last.fm iPhone app and it’ll dish up tunes through Wi-Fi or the iPhone’s 3G connection. It’ll even learn what you like, so personalised radio stations guarantee there’ll always be a song you like just one click away.

5. CrunchFu (£1.79)
Want rock hard abs, but don’t fancy forking out a fortune to the gym every month? Then you need CrunchFu. It’ll teach you to perform proper stomach crunches, and then give you a workout schedule to follow. You can even challenge others with the same iPhone app, and there’s nothing guaranteed to kickstart your motivation more than a little competition!

6. Remote (£free)
This official Apple iPhone app will control iTunes on a Mac or PC on the same Wi-Fi network, as well as taking charge of Apple TV. The latest version also includes support for iTunes DJ, introduced with the latest versions of iTunes, so you can pass round an iPhone or iPod at a party and let your friends queue up songs.

7. iFirstAid Lite
This is an absolute must-install for everyone. It packs potentially life-saving information for use in case of an emergency. Neatly separated into categories such as ‘Bleeding,’ ‘Burns’ and even ‘Poisons’ it could help you reduce injury and aid in the nick of time. Instructions are clear and detailed with diagrams too, and the app is free. You really should install it.

8. Metal Gear Solid Touch (£3.49)
If you’re looking for a more macho iPhone game than most, you won’t go far wrong with Metal Gear Solid Touch. It’s gritty, tough, and beautifully made. Fans of other Metal Gear games will adore it – it has the same look and feel, so it’s authentic to the last pixel.

9. Sky+ (£free)
If you’ve got a Sky+ box under the TV this iPhone app is an absolute must-install. It’ll let you tap into an EPG and schedule recordings at home while you’re out and about. Sure, you can do this on other phones too, but the iPhone’s monster screen makes browsing the programme guide ultra-slick and really simple.

10. Bloom (£2.39)
Proof that the iPhone isn’t just about handy tools and distracting games, Bloom is utterly pointless, but completely entrancing. Created by legendary music producer Brian Eno and software designer Peter Chilvers, it’s an ambient music creation tool. Yes, we’re aware that doesn’t really describe much, but if you’re into chilled out tunes or just a fan of clever software, give it a whirl.

11. Where (£free)
Yes, the iPhone’s built in Google Maps app will find addresses, and most locations if you know the name or address, but Where lets you pin down restaurants and attractions without needing to know their name, or even whether they’re classified as a pub, bar or restaurant. If you use the Zipcar car sharing service, it can also help you book a set of wheels and drive away, all using nothing but an iPhone!

12. National Rail Enquiries (£4.99)
The price tag is on the vertical side of steep, but if you ever venture outside your home town this iPhone app will save you literally hours of accumulated time on the phone. It pulls up live travel information for the UK’s rail network. Quick, reliable, and exactly what iPhone Apps should be: helpful.

13. Sketches (2.99)
Whether you’re doodling to pass the time, drawing a map for a friend, or making a quick scribble to aid your memory later on, Sketches makes your fingerwork look flawless. Neat extras like built-in clipart and text placement are backed up by clever additions like built-in web sharing and variable opacity for your brushstrokes.

14. Wunder Radio (3.49)
The iPhone doesn’t have an FM radio built in, but with Wunder Radio installed you have something much better: internet radio at your fingertips, served up in high quality and with the option to use GPS to filter local stations from the clutter of stations available on the web.

15. Tube Deluxe (£0.59)
Londoners should download the Tube Deluxe iPhone app immediately. Don’t delay, it’s simply amazing. Using Transport For London’s live updates it’ll tell you where trains are, and if there are delays on your line. It also packs a slick Tube map complete with auto routing, and covers river services and the DLR too.

16. Weightbot (£1.19)
Whether you’re watching your weight, or trying to bulk up, Weightbot should be on your iPhone. Not only does it work like a dream, charting your mass over time, but it’s also one of the finest designed iPhone apps ever made. Take a look, even the buttons and switches are individually crafted, and it’s simply gorgeous.

17. Cha-Ching (£1.79)
Spending money to save money might seem odd, but Cha-Ching’s ability to track your expenses should have you trimming the fat and reclaiming wasted cash straight away. It’ll tag your transactions with their location too, to remind you what you bought and where, and if you’re using a Mac it’ll sync with the desktop version too.

18. Geocaching (£5.99)
It’s another pricey one, but Geocaching is certainly worth the outlay. Fire it up and you’ll find real life treasure troves (called ‘caches’) near you. Follow the directions and associated clues, and soon you’ll find a mystery parcel left for fellow treasure hunters. It’s a neat way to kill time, or liven up an otherwise mundane walk in the park. You’ll be surprised how many caches are hidden around you right now, the Geocaching iPhone app will help you find them!

19. NetNewsWire (£free)
Reading RSS feeds on the go is made super simple with this iPhone app. It’s not without its faults, and adding new feeds is a bit of a chore since it involves using a web interface that syncs back to the app, but once it’s set up NetNewsWire is just about the easiest RSS reader on the eye, or at least, on the iPhone.

20. Juglir (£0.59)
Updating your Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed accounts proving a chore? Juglir provides one-app access to them all, so you can do all your public waffling in one place. It’ll support multiple accounts on the same network too, so if you’re tweeting privately as well as for work, it’s pretty much the perfect app.

21. Dictionary.com (£free)
We’re sticklers for spelling and grammar, so you’ll understand why Dictionary.com’s iPhone app is on our list of 100 must haves. It’s not just useful though, it’s beautifuly made and thoughtfuly designed. It’ll auto-complete words, so if you’re not sure how a word is spelt it’ll guide you along, assuming you can guess the first few letters. It also works without an internet connection. Handy if you’re doing a crossword on a plane.

22. Pano (£1.79)
The iPhone’s camera isn’t fantastic quality, but this neat iPhone app gives is a couple of neat party tricks. Fire it up and it’ll let you create panoramic shots combining a whopping 16 individual photos. Neat transparent overlays make lining up your shot a cinch, and colour correction keeps the joints between photos nice and smooth.

23. Guitar Rock Tour (£3.49)
This iPhone and iPod touch app is as close as Apple’s devices have come to putting Guitar Hero in your pocket. The rhythm-based music-em-up uses the multitouch screen to full effect, and better still the songs you’re tasked with tapping along to are real tunes from the likes of Nirvana, The Police and Michael Jackson.

24. Google Earth (£free)
If we’re honest, Google Earth is one of the most pointless iPhone apps around. There’s very little that it can do over and above the iPhone’s built in Google Maps app, at least, very little useful. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install it. The visual spectacle of spinning the globe on the phone’s touchscreen, before zooming in on individual buildings is one that’ll impress even the most cynical observer. Usefulness: 0. Posing power: 10.

25. Paypal (£free)
Putting the Paypal iPhone app in your pocket means you’ll never have to nip to the cashpoint again. You’ll simply be able to borrow tenners from your mates, and put the money in their bank account from the comfort of your iPhone! Either that, or it’ll let you keep track of payments for items bought on eBay. Speaking of which…

26. eBay Mobile (£free)
Never be out-bid on an item again, with the power of eBay’s iPhone app in your pocket you can keep track of auctions, bid while you’re away from your computer and be alerted if a cheeky competitor pips you to the final blow of eBay’s digital gavel.

27. Ocarina (£0.59)
Possibly the most annoying 59p you’ll ever spend, Ocarina turns the iPhone into a proper wind instrument. Simply by holding down buttons on the touchscreen and blowing into the microphone, you can create annoying chirping noises and, with a bit of practice, a tune. That’s not all though: Ocarina also broadcasts your notes across the web, so other iPhone owners with the same app can tune in. Lucky them!

28. Convertbot (£0.59)
Whether you’re abroad and want to convert currencies, or simply used to thinking in pre-decimalisation terms, Convertbot is the iPhone app for you. It uses a super-slick interface to convert angles, area, currency, length, mass, power, pressure, speed… and lots more. Created by the coders behind Weightbot (number 16 on our list), it’s gorgeous, if not quite so beneficial to your health.

29. Shazam (£free)
It’s had a home on the iPhone since before the 3G version went on sale, but we still love the Shazam iPhone app. It’s one of the smartest around, sampling any song when you hold it up to a speaker and telling you the name of the artist, track and album. So accurate, it’s like electronic voodoo. Just don’t get caught using it to cheat at the music rounds of pub quizzes.

30. Movies (£free)
Checking out which cinemas near you are showing the latest blockbuster is a breeze with the Movies iPhone app installed. It’s quick, accurate and powered by Flixter, so you know its information is reliable. It’ll even use GPS to find cinemas nearby, and if you’re not sure what a film is about you can view a trailer direct from the app too.

31. Pull My Finger (£0.59)
Puerile? Yes. But the Pull My Finger iPhone app is a part of iPhone’s history, whether Apple likes it or not. See, when it was first created, Cupertino tried to ban the app on the grounds that it was a bit rude. It later backed down, and opened the floodgates for a slew of similarly flatulence-focussed apps. Pull My Finger is still the best though. The new version even offers multi-phone action, with one phone holding a virtual match while the other… oh, you get the idea.

32. Tipulator (£0.59)
Whether you’re a generous taxi passenger, or planning a trip to the US where tipping is all but mandatory, Tipulator should definitely be in your iPhone’s app arsenal. It handles all the maths for you, neatly splitting the sum up by asking how many people you’re splitting the bill with, and how much you’d like to tip in total. It saves headaches and is a genuine timesaver for the mathematically impaired.

33. X-Plane Airliner (£5.99)
This astoundingly accurate flight simulator will knock your anti-DVT socks off. It’s combination of gorgeous graphics and accurate physics make it one of the most impressive iPhone apps around. Sure, flight sims aren’t to everyone’s taste, and that’s why X-Plane Airliner isn’t at the top of our list, but for anyone with a passing interest in aviation it’s a guaranteed grin-inducer.

34. Corbeau (£1.19)
Please, please, please don’t use this iPhone app to create threatening messages. It’s much funnier to use it to create images for e-mails that look like they’ve been lifted straight from a detective show. Compiled using scraps of “paper” and varied fonts, they’re both creepy and hilarious at the same time. How many other phones can scare and amuse at once, eh?

35. Classics (£0.59)
The Classics iPhone app does one thing incredibly well: turning the iPhone into an e-book reader. OK, so you can’t load your own books on board, but it comes with 20 titles pre-loaded and specifically formatted for the iPhone’s screen. More are delivered through free updates, and a neat bookmarking feature automatically remembers your last position.

36. Enigmo (£2.39)
It was one of the original iPhone games, and it remains one of the best. You’re challenged to divert dripping liquids around a maze and into a pot at the other end. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. It shows off the iPhone’s touchscreen a treat, as well as proving that hundreds of 3D calculations won’t make the iPhone break a sweat. Showing off, and having fun? Sounds like the perfect combo to us.

37. iShred (£2.99)
Most musical instruments on the iPhone are run of the mill affairs, dishing up impressive, but rather plain emulations of their real-life counterparts. But that’s not the case with iShred. It’s a guitar simulator letting you record songs and apply a ton of effects. No boring old strumming here, it’s all about tweaking tunes and making a racket! If you’re not so hot on the actual playing, it includes samples too.

38. To Do’s (£free)
Sometimes, the simplest iPhone apps are the best. We love To Do’s because it’s as straightforward as it gets. It’ll hold lists of tasks you haven’t get gotten ‘round to, and even puts the number of uncompleted jobs on the app’s homescreen icon, so you won’t forget there’s still lots to do!

39. Discover (£free)
It’s a little bit on the techy side, but Discover will let you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive with any networked Mac or PC. Fire it up, and the iPhone or iPod will appear on the network. You can tap into it through your computer’s web browser, following the on-screen instructions. Copy files over and away you go.

40. Keynote remote (£0.59)
Apple’s second official iPhone app isn’t nearly as useful as its first, Remote (number 6 in our list). That’s mainly because it’ll only work with Macs, and even then you’ll actually need to buy iWork 09. Assuming you have both of those things, however, it’s fantastic. It puts presentation notes and prompts in the palm of your hand, while the main presentation plays on your Mac’s main screen. It lets you control proceedings, and refer to notes like a pro. Meetings will never be dull again, or at least your presentations shouldn’t be.

41. AIM (£free)
If you have a .Mac or MobileMe account, your iPhone is crying out for AIM. It’ll let you text chat with buddies using Apple’s system, as well as others on AOL’s instant messenger platform. This version is free, but doesn’t skimp on the features. There’s a paid-for version available too, but for quick chat sessions there’s really no reason to open your wallet.

42. Night Camera (£0.59)
The iPhone doesn’t perform well when taking photos in low light, but with Night Camera installed you can give it a helping hand. The iPhone app works by using the built-in accelerometer to snap a picture the moment the iPhone is steady. That reduces blurring and means sharper shots are easier to take.

43. Travelodge iBooker (£free)
Whether you find yourself stranded in a strange town, or actually plan to spend a night holed up in a Travelodge in advance, the iBooker iPhone app will take the pain out of making the arrangements. It uses the iPhone’s GPS to pin down the nearest Travellodge, and can even help you pay for it using a credit card. Now all we need is a Little Chef Locator.

44. Wiki Tap (£free)
There are plenty of Wikipedia apps available for the iPhone, but where some of them cost money this little beauty is free! It’s also fast, and although you’ll need an internet connection to grab the latest info from the web, it has neat extras such as remembering previous searches, and offering in-app pronunciation aids for tricky words.

45. Rolando (£2.99)
Rolando is a rare type of iPhone game – it’s far from unique (it’s actually a clone of LocoRoco on the PSP), but it’s actually better than the game it’s mimicking. That’s because the iPhone’s touchscreen lets you interact with characters, as well as tilting the phone to roll them across levels. Fans of platformers and mildly tricky puzzle titles will love it.

46. iTalk Recorder (£free)
Great for recording a meeting, making your own voice memos or simply amusing kids, the quality of the iPhone’s built-in microphone is surprisingly good, and iTalk Recorder doesn’t just capture sounds around you, it lets you add text notes to them and even transfers them to a PC or Mac using iTalk Sync, another free download for desktop computers.

47. Payback (£2.99)
If you’ve played either of the first two Grand Theft Auto games, or the newest title: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS, then Payback will look familiar. It’s a top-down crime-a-thon, complete with cars, weapons and gorgeous graphical effects. As iPhone games go, it’s simply sublime. Great looking, genuinely fun and ever so slightly subversive. Take it for a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

48. Mariner Calc (£5.99)
What? A must-have spreadsheet application? Yes, we know it sounds a little dull, but if you’re a high-flying business type then being unable to tap out spreadsheets on the move could be one of the things keeping you from the iPhone, and maybe making sure Windows Mobile is in your pocket instead. Not any more. Mariner Calc is a full blown spreadsheet iPhone app.

49. VegOut (£1.79)
If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you probably struggle to find restaurants with a varied menu outside the usual salads and boring old reliables. Margarita pizza anyone? No thought not. That’s why you need VegOut. It’ll use your position to find fantastic veggie restaurants near you. Problem solved, you greedy green-mucher you.

50. At Bat (£5.99)
Sitting dead centre of our list, seeing a baseball scores app on a UK site might come as a surprise, but once you’ve seen At Bat in action it won’t. It’s a fantastic blend of live results, audio, video and more stats than you can reasonably be expected to understand. If you’re a baseball fan, it’s the perfect way to keep up to date, especially since coverage on existing UK TV and radio is rare.

Still hankering for more of the all-time best iPhone apps? We’ll have 50 more for you tomorrow. Check back for them then!

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